LAMP server

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

2day we will make a LAMP server which means : Linux+Apache+Mysql+php

our linux distribution is : Debian

working with any rpm based distribution  will be almost so close to these steps but using  yum / rpm



1.we have connected to the server where Debian is installed through ssh session.

$ ssh

2.we were able to attain the ip of the server to make sure that we are connected by nslookup (domain name).

3.we can check the connectivity using ping command.

$ ping


We tried to connect to the server through ssh session using unknown port but there was a firewall on the unknown ports. link to a new wiki page

2.Installing apache server

# apt-get upgrade update

# apt-get install apache2


After the installation of the apache server a notification was occured telling us that it couldn’t resolve the host name and that was because there wasn’t a /etc/hosts file. so, we solved this problem by creat /etc/hosts and put the ip and hostname in the file.

we have tested that the apache server is already installed by writting the domain name in the browser…..>“It works”was the output.

3.Installing Mysql server

# apt-get install mysql-server

through the installation we were asked to put a password for the root

4.Installing php

# apt-get install phpmyadmin

through the installation we were asked about the server to be used by php and we choosed apache2.


We installed phpmyadmin instead of php5 to get use of phpMyadmin utility and also because the php5-mysql already exists.


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